Mezinárodní a vnitrostátní
kamionová a autobusová doprava
International and domestic
truck and coach transport

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Truck transport


Coach service


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AD M&V - International and domestic operation

With our own fleet of over 20 vehicles with a wide range of bearing and loading capacity, we are able to meet even the most demanding requirements. The scope of our activity extends beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and we provide transport services within and outside the EU.

We offer something extra

The scope of our partnership can range from one-time orders to long-term contracts. Our goal is not just to transport from one place to another. We strive to establish a synergic partnership with you.

Professional experience with truck and coach transport

The time we have spent in the business and the rate of our company's growth provide a sound evidence of the quality of our services. We believe that you will find our professionalism and affordable prices a pleasant surprise. We can easily compete with the biggest players in the field of truck and coach transport.


  • 2 x Mercedes Benz 0350 RHD Tourismo
  • 1 x Mercedes Benz 0580 RHD Travego
  • 1 x Setra 415 GT HD
  • 7 x Scania 124 R 420
  • 7 x Mercedes Benz 1841,1844 Actros
  • 3x DAF 95 XF 430

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